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How to take up school trouser hems with no sewing

Has it been a mad rush getting your child’s school uniform ready in time for the start of term? Are you struggling to find the right length trousers to fit your child? how to take up hems with no sewing? Then look no further than the fabulous Supermend bonding powder which will do the exact job you need……..

This product will take up hems with no sewing on virtually any fabric so this includes school skirts and dresses too. All you need to do is to cut off your machine edging so as to get rid of the bulk. Then to taker up hems with no sewing, you simply press you hem up where you want it to go, open up and sprinkle the powder between the two layer. Blow away your excess powder, place some grease proof paper over the top and press with a hot iron. Your clothing item can then be washed boiled and dry cleaned over and over again. However when your child grows a little taller, you can use a very hot iron over the garment to break the seal with a knife or pair of scissors, and re adjust the hem length.

Here is our video showing you how to take up your hems with no sewing.

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