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How many times have you ripped/torn or accidentally had a cigarette burn on your favourite fabric/trousers/skirt/curtains or a dress? Now you do not have to discard the item or make a makeshift repair, Supermend makes the job easy. All you need is a domestic iron and our Supermend fabric bonding powder – ideal for hemming, mending tears and burns, applying labels and motifs on most fabrics – for invisible repairs, even on garments you cannot turn inside out, such as a sofa or car seat, without any sewing what-so-ever.

Repair burnt holes /tears in fabrics

Sewers and Embroiders
Turn up hems /appliqué safe for machine embroidery

Put your sewing kit away – Supermend acts like a glue, without leaving residue or visible marks! Afterwards, you can also hand or machine sew and no residue will be left on your needles.

Cut away frayed edges for perfect finish

Supermend can be used on paper, card & wood

Supermend can also be used for quilting, crafts and label attachments!