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How to use Supermend for nametags, labels, backing patches badges and appliqué

Please check that the garment is clean before you commence your repair.

Silicone paper is recommended here as the non-stick surface makes it easier to remove.

Simply place your nametag, label or badge with the wrong side up. Sprinkle with Supermend and place the greaseproof paper on top and melt the Supermend using a cotton/linen temperature iron.

Peel the silicone paper back from your work before it is allowed to go cold. Should this happen, simply re-heat.

The fabric can now be cut into without fraying.

Now place the motif or fabric onto the garment, cover with paper and press with a full cotton temperature iron.

Remember to use 3 or 4 sheets of paper over the top on fine fabrics. This enables the safe use of a cotton/linen temperature setting.

All effective repairs can be washed boiled and dry-cleaned, over and over again.