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Jen  8th October 2017

Fantastic job of repairing a tear in my son's football top. Only I would know where the repair had been made. Saved a fortune as top would have had to be replaced.

Roy Nightingale  6th September 2017

this powder works a treat.

Abbie  16th August 2017  York, UK

I found this easy to use to repair some holes in clothing and found it easy to use and it did stick unlike wundaweb. I cant say what it's like after washing as I haven't washed the repairs yet.

Lynvic  1st August 2017

Does what is says on the box. Easy to use and a good result.

V. Edwards  27th May 2017  Herefordshire, UK

This powder is so easy to use for the craft work I do with fabrics. Just a sprinkle glues well when pressed with a hot iron, but do use a bit of cooking parchment to prevent marks on the iron base!

Paula Ferre  14th May 2017

I used to use this many years ago and I thought it had been discontinued. To find out it was still being made was a brilliant surprise and I will always keep some in my home now.

David  3rd February 2017

The product turned up, mainly to do a cig burn repair. I looked online at their site and a full video of what to do. really nice product

Ken Jones  2nd January 2017

Great thanks works well and provides a good finish solid and well worth the money. Good value so well recommended

Teanana  21st August 2016

ove this product it saves so much time and it's easy for the teens to use instead of waiting for me sew it

Anne Harries  11th May 2016

I used this on a rip in a much loved anorak, it worked perfectly. I wouldn't say it was invisible but that was probably more to do with me than the product