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Discover the many versatile uses of Supermend in our videos below.

Repair Ripped Garments

Repair rips, tears, holes, cigarette burn in any fabric even ones you cannot turn inside out such as sofas, coats and duvets.

Have you spotted a rip in your clothing or another material? Before you decide to throw it away, try repairing it with Supermend.

Simply repair it by turning the garment inside out, sprinkle Supermend over the rip, cover with a cloth or grease-proof/parchment paper (available in any supermarket) and apply heat with the iron. We can guarantee you that it will look good as new, and is suitable to wear immediately afterwards.

Hemming Clothing and Fabrics

Find out how to hem fabrics (including very fine silk and heavy denim) with no sewing required. Perfect for clothing and soft furnishing.

Do you have a pair of jeans that are too long in the leg? Want to ‘take up’ your curtains or skirt on a dress? Create the perfect hem on any garment or fabric with Supermend, see how it works below.

Seal Frayed Edges

A fixing powder that makes sealing frayed edges easy. Use Supermend to make fake hems on denim jeans, curtains, create miniature dolls, or fix ribbon thread and other fabrics.

Stop fraying with Supermend and cut away the excess for a clean finish. All materials can be machine washed, boiled and dry cleaned after just a few hours.

The Perfect Fabric Glue

Use Supermend to make a quilt or wall hanging banner, applique or use it to secure name tags, badges and labels.

That’s right, Supermend can be used for creative crafts too. Stick paper, card, wool and glitter together – to create unique patterns for clothing, cards and quilts.

This is a great video to show you how to fuse fabric.

Use supermend instead of webbing. Shake it on the back of your fabric before ironing between 2 sheets of baking patchment for the same effect.